The period building comes from the years 1885-1892 and used to function as a Liqueur and Rosolis Warehouse, erected thanks to the endeavors of count Alfred Potocki the First and included in the estate of the Potocki Entail. The count was a grandson of one of the most outstanding female representative of the Enlightenment, princess Izabela Lubomirska, and a son of a famous writer, traveler and archeologist, Jan Potocki. The count was not only a fervent patriot, an adjutant of prince Poniatowski in the rank of captain, serving at Napoleon's side, but above all he was an expert in modern management. Thanks to him and his successor, distilling industry whose beginnings date back to 1764, flourished in Lancut. Owing to the Potocki family, the distillery produced, as for those days, best-quality vodkas, used most modern distilling machines and had two factory outlets: in Lviv and Vienna. Alfred Potocki the Fourth received a Gold Medal at the exhibition in Paris in 1928 for the quality of Rosolis and Liqueur beverages.

Therefore, coming to Łańcut, you have the opportunity to see not only the beautiful Castle with unique interiors from the turn of the 18th and 19th century, a splendid collection of carriages of more than 120 vehicles and a unique orchid house but also you can personally feel the atmosphere of those days by staying at an apartment of the Old Liqueur Factory which reflects the character of the past period.

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